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hosta la vista

Member since: October 14, 2009



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San antonio, Tx 78204
USDA hardiness zone 8B

Member since:

October 14, 2009

About me

I'm a beginner gardener trying to keep the faith. I have a great deal to learn but keep on keeping on. I'm interested in growing vegetables for home cooking and sharing. I live on the face of the sun, so I'm very interested in native plants and water harvesting.

Current project

Planting & landscaping to take advantage of being outside and enjoying the soon to be here fall weather!

Type of gardener

beginner with a capital B

Favorite garden activity

snipping herbs for a delightful meal. dining alfresco. the wonderous smell of night jasmine.

garden wall

Hi Hosta- I am a beginner too- can't wait to see more of your adventures in gardening. I just planted my first bulbs ever! We'll see how it works out!
Seedling commented on 10/20/09
So good to have you here! Please reach out to our other gardeners as there are some seriously experienced people who LOVE to talk gardening. Try to friend cajunberry! He's in TX too...
FigTree commented on 10/15/09
Thank you for the nice message, this is such an amazing place! I'm happy to be here to get some much needed advice and hang with fellow gardeners. I will definitely reach out to cajunbarry - i need all the help i can get!
hosta la vista replied: on 10/16/09
glad you like it here! we are going to be getting a lot more members very soon, so keep up the posts and spread the word about digthedirt! Keep asking questions :)
FigTree replied: on 10/16/09
Dining alfresco on a great Texas evening makes gardening in our heat all worth it. We're a little cooler up here in Austin, but i can relate to "living on the face of the sun" :-)
hamachi commented on 10/14/09
hello! i had the worst luck this year with the heat. I think i even mortally wounded some cacti!
hosta la vista replied: on 10/16/09