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Flowergardengirl (Anna Looper)

Member since: September 27, 2009



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Clemmons, Nc 27012
USDA hardiness zone 7A


Anna Looper

Member since:

September 27, 2009

About me

North Carolina zone 7 Garden blogger, plant tester, garden writer, podcast producer for garden centers and local organizations who use them as TV commercials, garden speaker on cultivars and wildcrafting, 9th generation NCer, and married with two grown sons. My website: and

Current project

Finishing up Copper Top Cottage and designing ornamental edible beds for the front and back gardens.

Type of gardener

Organic Cottage Style with ornamental edible mixes

Favorite garden activity


garden wall

Love you Decorate a Garden site! <br/> pkoutprncss
pkoutprncss commented on 07/21/10
If someone wants to friend me--please leave your request here. I have a hard time when logging in and then trying to find you. I have requested this sort of thing be added to our wall. <br/> <br/>Lots going on in my garden these days...and I&#x27;m feeling better--- so hopefully I can get rid of some weeds. My part of NC has had the perfect amount of rain and sun to get things going and off to a good start.
Flowergardengirl commented on 05/05/10
Just found your blog! So purrrrrty!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 04/12/10
Thank you Spirit Horse Herbals. very busy right now in NC and a recent surgery set me back on lots of projects I wanted to do.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 04/13/10
I just finished developing my own--Bloom Mix by Flowergardengirl. You can read about it at either of my blogs. Wow--so exciting to have my own product. I tested it for 2 years before offering it to the public. Basically--for me--it grows strong cell walls. That helps it to make your plant resistant to pest, disease, and allows the plant to grow healthy and strong. You can see the before and afters by looking here It&#x27;s a non-toxic product too.
Flowergardengirl commented on 04/05/10
Hi there FGG! That sounds amazing! You should do a little post on it and connect a link to where you buy it- more people will be able to see it that way! Who knew you had a million talents! :)
FigTree replied: on 04/05/10
Thank you! You are the first place I announced it officially. I was hoping you'd notice. I didn't want to be so forward as to post the exact link. here is a post on it but I can't sell it at that site---you have to go to this post about it to buy it. I also have a tab on both blogs leading to a page to buy it. I'm the only one selling it. Woo hoo. buy it here: I'm so proud. It's non-toxic.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 04/05/10
way to go talented lady! excited to see you telling us all about your stuff and never be shy!-- we want to hear about it all! :)
FigTree replied: on 04/06/10
Congratulations! Your post &quot;My Cottage Garden&quot; has been selected to be a featured article on our homepage! Go Flowergardengirl!!!
FigTree commented on 02/17/10
Thank you very much! I look forward to seeing it. I am feverishly planning this year's gardens and the new potager. The weather will not cooperate and I'm a month behind. So panic mood has set in just a bit. Thank you for showcasing my gardens. How fun.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 02/17/10
Did you ever get a widget? I was waiting on one? And thank you for the link on the home page.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 02/18/10
Hey no prob! Our widget is being developed... we are thinking of doing a search bar inside it that can connect people to the plant database- what do you think of that idea...? Would love your feedback :)
FigTree replied: on 02/18/10
That a widget with a plant search is too cool. As long as there is no other advertising, I'd go for it.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 03/24/10
exactly- no other advertising involved. now we just have to get the database rocking! anna, I really hope you're feeling better and healing quickly!
FigTree replied: on 03/24/10
I really love your blog- such beautiful pictures. Your porch is to die for.
Seedling commented on 10/05/09
Hi, flowergardengirl. I just visited your website and enjoyed your article on Felder Rushing. His book, Tough Plants for Florida Gardens, is my favorite reference! Great book, beautiful pictures, and lots of common sense! I can tell he&#x27;s been around Florida.
Daylilyjoy commented on 09/30/09
I had a complete blast and learned so much I thought I was going to explode with info- what did you think of all of the sessions? I was disappointed with some of them, but the private tours the last day made up for anything that was lacking- LOVED &quot;jesus saves&quot; garden. That was my absolute favorite.
FigTree commented on 09/30/09
Let's see--my favorite was the Duke Garden. I liked the levels. I had to go home Friday noon to Sat just before the dinner. So I missed a bunch. But made some wonderful friends and met lots of folks that I knew from garden blogs. Shirley Bovshow 'EdenMaker' is my best bud and it was a real treat to see her. It was fun to meet you too cause I think it is great to promote the gardening world. Ya'll are doing a very good job.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 09/30/09
Hey Anna! <br/> <br/>Thanks so much for taking the site out for a test drive!! So great to see you here, and read your great posts! We really enjoyed meeting you, and your comments you&#x27;ve sent in are terrific... look for a response for me in a little bit to your awesome feedback!
chief cultivator commented on 09/28/09
Flowergardengirl, your blog is very interesting and the photos are wonderful...the Invincibelle is AMAZING (HUGE!!) and the Monard Didyma &#x27;Coral Reef&#x27; is so beautiful! I&#x27;ve never seen the coral reef bloom before...I&#x27;m in zone 9B...can I grow it? <br/>I&#x27;m looking forward to hearing more about your cultivars!
Lily commented on 09/28/09
I don't know for sure. It should come up easily in a google search. I know zone 7 pretty well but not many other zones. I'd be afraid to say yes. Glad you like my blog. It's loads of fun and meeting new people is fabulous.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 09/28/09
I love the blog! The link seems to be working now. How long have you been blogging? <br/> <br/>I have a bunch of friends in North Carolina in the RTP area. What part of the state are you from?
in the weeds commented on 09/28/09
So nice to meet you! I've been blogging for two years but it took me awhile to fiind what host I was going to stay with. I really do enjoy it. I've been flowergardengirl for 5 years. I'm two hours west of Raleigh on I-40 just at the end of the foothills of the Appalachians. So I'm mid-western NC. Now let me go see who you are.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 09/28/09
I'm in Austin, near Lake Travis. I'm coding the site for Cliff. It's good to see you posting here.
in the weeds replied: on 09/28/09
Well coding should give you a nice migraine. I do like this site. I'm not use to a wall--am use to a forum style. This makes it a bit easier to keep up with conversations--but I might miss out on topics if I don't visit someone's site. But I am surely testing it out and enjoying the new friends.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 09/28/09
You said: "I do like this site. I'm not use to a wall--am use to a forum style. This makes it a bit easier to keep up with conversations--but I might miss out on topics if I don't visit someone's site." Glad to hear it. Sit tight! We're definitely heading that direction. I can't tell you exactly what form it will take, but we'll have many opportunities for community building around interesting topics.
in the weeds replied: on 09/28/09
ok, that is great and thank you. I look forward to seeing that change and watch you morph into a butterfly.
Flowergardengirl replied: on 09/28/09