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San clemente, Ca 92672
USDA hardiness zone 9B

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September 24, 2009

About me

I live in southern california and LOVE it. Right at the beach. My grandfather taught me to garden and I loved hanging out with him. My favorite thing was haresting potato's with him. I'm an "old" garden.comer and am proud of it. I love all the friendships I have made with gardening at the center.

Current project

Moved into a new home a year ago. Working on the back yard that slopes to a coastal canyon.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

watering and seeing the results of my labor

garden wall

Nope, don't garden in the nude. That might get a little messy. I live by the beach also as well as gardened with my grandfather. How much of the recent rain did you receive? We just got a little bit, basically one night. Not too bad, though I do enjoy the rain.
Naked Lady commented on 10/15/09
Hey Pacificstar - join the alumni group I just set up: <br/> <br/> <br/>Spread the word to other folks to come on and reconnect!!
chief cultivator commented on 10/01/09
It I tis me Mich, Brassi told me about this place! Nice to see you! <br/>
Mich commented on 09/30/09
I can just imagine a sweeping front lawn that looks out over the coastal canyon. Must be spectacular.
Flowergardengirl commented on 09/28/09
Hey PacificStar!! Glad you found your way to the new place! We need to get all the folks to get a profile up and help build our new online gardening home!! Hope you&#x27;re doing great!
chief cultivator commented on 09/24/09
Hi There pacificstar- you do look like a major star! Thanks for writing- hope you enjoy my contributions. Seattle is amazing- really sunny though, so it&#x27;s kind of weird. I am sure I&#x27;ll be eating those words in a month or two.
FigTree commented on 09/24/09