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brassi (jeannie francis)

Member since: September 22, 2009



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Riverton, Nj 08077
USDA hardiness zone 6B


jeannie francis

Member since:

September 22, 2009

About me

A Master Gardener from NJ- my family has been farming in NJ since the early 1700's. We still farm and grow Sweet Potato's & Sweet Corn. I am a refugee from Garden.Com where I met Barry, Cliff and other awesome gardeners

garden wall

Hi Jeannie, <br/>Finally found you here! Thanks for telling about this site!
Mich commented on 10/04/09
Hey Brassi, come join the new alumni group I set up: <br/> <br/> <br/>Spread the word to other folks to join up and reconnect!
chief cultivator commented on 10/01/09
Brassi- welcome to digthedirt- hope to see pictures of your garden, as I am a semi-newbie and love to see what you real gardeners are up to. Take care!
FigTree commented on 09/24/09
Hello Brassi, I love this site, thanks
pacificstar commented on 09/24/09
Hey, Brassi! I&#x27;m envious of your Master Gardener title...I&#x27;ve researched the course in my area but it&#x27;s only offered during the day on Tuesdays...doesn&#x27;t work well for me since I work full time. I come from a family of midwest farmers (corn and soy beans, of course)...I&#x27;m one of the few that relocated (although I jumped ship after college and went to the Chicago area vs. remaining in farm country). I believe farming remains in the blood, though...can&#x27;t seem to get enough of the garden, plants, dirt and nature! I&#x27;m looking forward to finding out more about your garden!
Lily commented on 09/22/09
Hi Jeannie! Glad you found your way to our new site! I just can&#x27;t stay away from the gardening industry!! Can&#x27;t wait to hear what you think...!
chief cultivator commented on 09/22/09