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Naked Lady

Member since: September 22, 2009


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Rancho palos verdes, Ca 90275
USDA hardiness zone 10

Member since:

September 22, 2009

About me

Recently retired. My new hobby is gardening.

Current project

35% slope in backyard. Getting rid of the ivy and putting down dymondia this winter.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Sitting in my chair at the end of the day and looking at the day's accomplishments.

garden wall

...also arctostaphyllus and creeping ceanothus as slope-tamers - they are both low-water requiring once they get established. Ceonothus is gorgeous in bloom...I heard that the State of California has determined that Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuifolia) is an official invasive weed due to it's spreading nature and re-seeding habits in tropical climates.
cajunbarry commented on 11/03/09
Hi lady, <br/>Are you considering creeping rosemary to help cover ground? Seems it would do well for you in southern California...
cajunbarry commented on 11/03/09
Sorry for the delay in answering. Life became busy. I chose Dymondia as a ground cover. I think this is a wonderful plant as it only grows 2 inches high and 2 inches wide. This gives me the abiltiy to have other plants visible on the hill. It is drought tolerant and stores water in its roots so it is not slippery to walk on. The plant puts down large roots and is effective in preventing the ivy from grwoing back. The only small issue is it is a small plant and I have a large hill. As you can see fromo my new pictures I am slowly getting there.
Naked Lady replied: on 06/17/10
Hey Naked Lady, you live in my old stomping grounds. Glad to see another Cali girl here. Do you garden in the nude?
pacificstar commented on 09/24/09