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HELP Planning a Space

January 12, 2010

I think that palm looks quite lovely in the middle of those two queens. Too bad it's in a pot. I lo...


January 06, 2010

I love purple coneflowers! ...

Night blooming cereus

January 06, 2010


Fresh Air in the Middle of Winter

January 04, 2010

What a breath of fresh air those snow pictures are! (Makes me shiver a little though.) I love how b...

Never Enough Calla Lilies

January 04, 2010

I too love all of the callas available these days! I've never grown any, though. It is so funny tha...


January 03, 2010

I have actually seen caladium-themed yards where every shrub border and tree was bordered in huge bed...


January 02, 2010

It's that time of year. Today, I am living in fear of freeze. Temps in the 30's for the next three ...

Kangaroo Paws (Angiozanthos) Bouquets

December 30, 2009

All of these sites have left me even more confused. They all say "drought-tolerant" repeatedly, so I...

Ornaments for your Tree... Outside!

December 30, 2009

Very nice effect! What is the twisted tree? I love it!...

Daylily, 'Rosie Meyer'

December 29, 2009

This daylily is so beautiful! It's just perfect for my garden...evergreen with a large flower. Adde...