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Charleston, Sc 29401

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September 09, 2009

About me

I am a 29 year old pilates teacher living in Charleston, SC and live in a small but sunny apartment. I love Succulents and Herbs to use in all of my cooking for myself. LOVE Herbs in my salads! I love to read about gardening and fashion and hope to be a hipper martha stewart someday!

Current project

I am working on a potted plant Herb garden that sits on my roof. I like to sit up there and have a glass of wine, watch the sunset and my herbs grow like crazy!

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Clipping basil off my basil plant

garden wall

Hi seedling.You commented aboout vermicomposting. It is really great and the lil fellas really do their job much quicker then the compost pile,But I only use the worms for kitchen scraps and still have a lot of compost piles.
blondeponder commented on 05/04/10
Thanks for the info! Everyone here is so generous with their gardening information!!
Seedling replied: on 05/04/10
Seedling, I hope you go up on your roof top with your coffee/tea and watch the sunrise! Did you see my photo of the sunrise? Made my day! Tried pilates kills my knee. I had knee surgery three years ago. Maybe I should try again or Yoga? I love my horses and all the work that goes into it . The garden is taking off and big smiles! This site is such fun. Really enjoying the new friends.
Thyme commented on 11/10/09
Sunrise- I try! But I'm a little lazy in the morning... will give it my best shot. Pilates is great- it hurt your knee? Probably had a bad teacher- yoga is good too. If you do pilates just do stomach exercises for the time being and let the leg rest as much as you can. Knees are tough! Cool meeting you here!
Seedling replied: on 11/10/09
Thanks, and I will try again. Off to water it is hot here in North San Diego County today.
Thyme replied: on 11/10/09
Sounds like fun and you can cook with the herbs too. I need to learn pilates. Always wanted to.
Flowergardengirl commented on 09/28/09
pilates is the only way to go if you are a busy person- you get the maximum benefit from minimum effort... my kind of exercise! Let me know if you need any pilates tips :)
Seedling replied: on 10/05/09
Welcome Scarlett! Put your best herb mixes in your favorites so we can check out your best combos!
chief cultivator commented on 09/09/09