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Hibiscusgirl (Grace Sass)

Member since: January 25, 2010




Grace Sass

Member since:

January 25, 2010

About me

I am a nursery school teacher. I love my job & spend some quiet time working in my garden. It still needs lots of work,but it is slowly blossoming into a wonderful little garden.

Current project

My garden: to be able to pick veg & serve it to my family at meal times

Type of gardener

Excited & enthusiastic

Favorite garden activity

Planting seedlings,watering & watching them grow. Love to take photos when flowers are in bloom.

garden wall

Welcome to DTD! We are so happy you&#x27;re here and cannot wait to hear all about your garden, gardens you love, or articles you find helpful. If you would like to start a gardening journal to track your progress just click on the &quot;contributions&quot; tab above and start writing and uploading photos. <br/> <br/>I see that you are a nursery school teacher- we have a whole section here called &quot;KID&#x27;S GARDENING CAMP&quot; that has lots of projects for little hands. <br/> <br/>Please let us know if you have any problems with the site-- we are here to make your gardening life easier!
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