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Member since: January 18, 2010



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Eugene, Or 97402
USDA hardiness zone 7B

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January 18, 2010

About me

My screen name reflects two of my passions: books and gardening. Other hobbies include metalsmithing, beadwork, and caring for my Springer Spaniel, Kirby.

Current project

Metalwork: creating a shank ring—Finished it! Yay! Now working on hinged bracelet. Garden: cleaning up last fall's perenniel debris—almost done. Book: Sword of the Lady Audiobook: Gone with the Wind (listening to it is taking almost as long as the war itself) Phew! finally finished. Now onto Black Out by Connie Willis.

Type of gardener

laissez faire

Favorite garden activity

buying new plants—newest addition is a native trillium

garden wall

Hey BookWorm... February is almost over!!! Are we going to see your next brilliant post? :)
FigTree commented on 02/25/10
Iknow, I know. Had a little excitement here—we were burgled last wednesday and my laptop was stolen! Truly. Anyway, I'm about to upload my new contribution.
BookWorm replied: on 03/02/10
What???? That's crazy! So sorry- are you heartbroken? :(
FigTree replied: on 03/02/10
Not really. Dana bought me a hot 27-inch iMac. It's smokin'. I can't figure out how I integrated photos last time. Hints?
BookWorm replied: on 03/02/10
Never mind. I figured out the photo thang. What do you think?
BookWorm replied: on 03/02/10
Congratulations! Your most recent post was chosen to be a featured article on our homepage :) Go Bookworm!!!
FigTree commented on 02/17/10
Hey BW- did you see that drmom is on the site?? So excited :)
FigTree commented on 01/26/10
No way! Are you friends yet?
BookWorm replied: on 01/27/10
but of course! i am the big cheese here! :) did kate feel guilty that you're a big Dig The Dirt Blogger now?
FigTree replied: on 01/28/10
Hello BookWorm--I can definitely understand how you developed your screenname...and its both clever and cute, too. This is such a fun site; it has given me so much joy to post and receive messages/comments/posts from other gardening enthusiasts. They have been quite friendly. All of this has compounded my happiness in the garden as well. I can't blame you from buying new plants. I don't need anymore, yet I have to restrain myself (from "rescuing" plants) at the local nursery. My husband and I just planted about 30 crocosmia lucifer bulbs, 500 tulip bulbs, some landini lily bulbs, African corn lily bulbs, plus some stargazer and casa blanca lily bulbs. I can hardly wait for Spring's sunshine to awaken my garden; but, in the meantime, I'm beading as well. So, I'd love to know what your current project is/are. Happy gardening!
LilyLover commented on 01/26/10
hey book worm! loved your post :) and BTW have already tweeted it out to over a thousand people. no pressure!!! xoxo thanks!!
FigTree commented on 01/25/10
well hello there! what a cute dog you have!!! :) so happy you&#x27;re here and we can&#x27;t wait to see you garden!! <br/> <br/>If you want to make a contribution, just hit the &quot;contributions&quot; tab above and start typing and uploading photos like a maniac :) <br/> <br/>what&#x27;s a shank ring?
FigTree commented on 01/22/10
I thought all the green was appropriate for a garden site. Just to let you know, I am working on my first contribution. Shank ring? well the shank (the part that goes around the finger is U-shaped and the top part, usually with some kind of bezel set stone is soldered to the top. I'll send pix once I have the shank completed. Loved Monkeys. What an incredible writer.
BookWorm replied: on 01/22/10
oh! thanks for the tutorial on the ring thing... sounds pretty. I know monkeys' is such a great book and you could read anything by that author and just fall in love!!! cannot WAIT to see your first contribution!!! YAY!
FigTree replied: on 01/23/10