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Planting Emergency!!! »

Yep- you can grow your own saffron spice. Now is the time so you can get in on the fall blooming action....

Some tips on tulips »

It is fall and it's time for tulips.......

Favorite Alliums »

Here's a look at some of my most favorite alliums. Most of these I have in my garden, and they perform year after year- and best of all they are insect...

Awesome Alliums »

Spectacular! Imagine flower heads that look like fireworks, exploding in the garden! Can you imagine flowering onions—not your everyday, ordinar...

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October 01, 2009

Welcome Mich! I had a bumper tomatoe crop this year, which kept giving and giving for 2 months! Love ...

Planting Emergency!!!

September 30, 2009

This is what makes gardening so FUN!!!...


September 29, 2009

This sounds very interesting... cannot wait to hear more....

Meidland Roses

September 10, 2009

Earthworm, thaks for sharing! I have White Meidiland in my garden, and it is a prolific bloomer and b...


August 15, 2009

Gardening and coding seem to go together! Have any pictures of your crops thos year?...