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teetee the gardner

Member since: July 19, 2009



Mattapoisett, Ma 02739
USDA hardiness zone 6A

Member since:

July 19, 2009

About me

I come from a family of enthusiastic gardeners and have been working on my garden on Buzzards Bay for 20 years. I enjoy bringing flowers into the house and flower arranging.

Current project

Reconstructing all my gardens that have gotten out of control!

Type of gardener

Shrubs and Flowers

Favorite garden activity

Finding new plants

garden wall

Oh, also you have to see my article on Uwajimaya!
FigTree commented on 11/07/09
Mom- you have to check out Daylilyjoy. Her pictures are amazing! Look at her gallery-
FigTree commented on 11/07/09
Hi teetee! I like your favorite activity...always fun to find a plant you haven't seen before!
Lily commented on 09/30/09
I second that request. I love hydrangeas. My mom always made the best fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and she had the most spectacular hydrangeas. I can't eat the chicken any more without keeling over, but you could say that hydrangeas are the next best thing to southern comfort food.
in the weeds commented on 08/04/09
Hi TeeTee! It is awesome seeing you on DigTheDirt! Upload pics of your hydrangeas soon so we can all "oooo" and "ahhhh" over them!
garden slug commented on 07/19/09