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Mesogeo Garden (Terry Moyemont/ Terri Stanley)

Member since: July 13, 2009



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Bainbridge island, Wa 98110
USDA hardiness zone 7 and 8


Terry Moyemont/ Terri Stanley

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July 13, 2009

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About me

We've been growing mediterranean zone and hardy tropical species suited to the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on design with a wide palette of plants that work for the Pacific Northwest. We call it "Northwest Garden Fusion". I've been a photographer and videographer most of my life. Now gardens and gardeners are my subjects. Recent work includes a documentary on the home gardens of the Mediterranean Garden Society at Sparoza, Greece.

Current project

My wife, Terri, and I are working on a book, with extensive photography, about mediterranean garden design and mediterranean zone gardens and plants around the world.

Type of gardener

: Professional

Favorite garden activity

: Sitting back & looking at things after a long day.Then getting up and photographing the whole shebang.

garden wall

I need to come and visit you guys! Will be on Bainbridge on Sunday... maybe you're open!
FigTree commented on 10/02/09
what a great dahlia! Thanks for the info. <br/>... still waiting for rain in scorching Texas.
cajunbarry commented on 07/20/09
I may have visited you guys on my way to the Bloedel Reserve a few years back. What a cool environment to garden in. The ferry ride alone was a wonderful experience. The native madrones on your island are incredible, as are the deep shade ferns and mosses. Bloedel is heavenly to me. Do you guys do alot of bonsai?
cajunbarry commented on 07/16/09