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Wallet disabling the lock screen By Adrian Leira -06/08/2016 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Although Apple has not yet come to Spain Pay, some have already been fortunate enough to activate it before leaving on the peninsula, but there is something quite annoying that you might like to know: how to disable Wallet on the lock screen . The truth is that if you buy a pair of movie tickets or a ticket may want to appear on the lock screen of your iPhone to read fast, but they sure do not want a credit card appears, Are not ? Today we will see how to disable this feature on iOS and give extra security to disable Wallet while we have locked terminal. From the moment you turn it off we will no longer use the Touch ID to pay with Apple Pay, but all you have to do is open the app and have at same effect. Disable Wallet on the lock screen If for any reason you already have Apple Pay or just do not want promotional cards, boarding passes or tickets on the display screen locked your iPhone , you should know that you can disable Wallet when you want. iphone wallet Until now, with Wallet activated, you only had to click twice on the start button to appear the list of your add-on cards, showing all the information on each of them. numbering is crossed out in the case of credit cards, but not so with promotional. To disable Wallet on the lock screen , you can navigate to the following menu: SETTINGS> TOUCH ID AND CODE> ALLOW ACCESS WHILE LOCKED In this section you can adjust some things as interesting as allow access to Siri while locked, the notifications, Hoy and the purpose of this tutorial, to Wallet. ios touch id code Once disabled Wallet while the iPhone is locked , and our method of payment will not appear on the lock screen, avoiding the prying eyes of others or give them too much information to whom we may have to steal the iPhone. IT MAY INTEREST YOU… lock screen