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polbishop (Pol Bishop)

Member since: April 07, 2016

About me

I'm an arborist currently residing in London and working for a company called Fantastic Gardeners. I've been a tree surgeon for about two years now and still find this job both challenging and exciting. Most of our London clients call us when they need their trees pruned or reduced in height, however every once in awhile we do get more complicated jobs such as tree removal or stump grinding. I’d say shaping the tree crowns is my favourite part of being a tree surgeon as it’s the most open to creative thinking. The job I think we do most often is tree pruning and it’s no surprise really. Old and sick branches need to be removed from the tree so it would grow stronger. I’m glad to say our our garden specialists at Fantastic Gardeners are all fully vetted, experienced and properly equipped. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Shaping tree crowns