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SeattleAlex (Alex Salkin)

Member since: January 08, 2010



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Seattle, Wa 98119
USDA hardiness zone 7B


Alex Salkin

Member since:

January 08, 2010

Current project

Developing my garden on my balcony. So far tomatoes, basil, chives, rosemary, sweet peas, sugar snap peas, and 7 types of peppers. Not bad for my first garden, huh?

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Harvesting :)

garden wall

don't blow my cover dirt man
meinnovations commented on 02/12/10
Hey there Alex.Salkin! Welcome to DTD... we are super happy you found us. PLease feel free to browse the site as you please, we have lots of articles, how-to&#x27;s and you can even check out our new videos on You Tube- our channel is DigTheDirtTV! <br/> <br/>If you would like to start a gardening journal just hit the contributions tab on your personal profile page and start uploading pictures and writing. It&#x27;s a great way to keep track of everything in your garden for the upcoming season. <br/> <br/>Please let me know if you have any problems with the site - we love to hear feedback. Happy Gardening!
dig the dirt editor commented on 01/11/10