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ecochic natasha (Natasha Madison)

Member since: April 18, 2013



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Austin, Tx 78750
USDA hardiness zone 8B


Natasha Madison

Member since:

April 18, 2013

My Website or Blog:

EcoChic Floral

About me

I'm a mom, wife, Native Austinite, lover of plants, flowers and the great mother. I'm interested in learning all things urban gardens as we transform our homestead, become more self sufficient and provide ourselves and our kiddos awesome home grown food. My business is EcoChic Floral. We provide sustainable florals for special events. I forage for a lot of what I use in my work so I'm always looking for gardeners willing to trade/sell plants, flowers, succulent, herbs, foliage,vines,edibles and anything that may look cool in a unique floral arrangement.

Current project

Personally we're installing the first three wicking beds of a 9 bed plan in the next few weeks. We also have a funky slope we're trying to remedy with a retaining wall of sorts- more like steps- made from cinderblock. Professionally, I'm plugging away at getting Austin it's first and only all sustainably grown, organic, locally grown and fair trade flower shop. It will offer full service floral design and have flowers available for purchase on a wholesale or retail basis.Shhhh. don't tell anyone yet! It will be amazing!

Type of gardener

Novice...for now, I know what I know and learn something new every day. Lover of all plants and flowers, edible and ornamental.

Favorite garden activity

Playing with worms and doodlebugs with the kids!