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sadie168452 (Sheryl Dieatrick)

Member since: January 08, 2013


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Staplehurst, Ne 68439
USDA hardiness zone 5A


Sheryl Dieatrick

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January 08, 2013

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Sheryl Dieatrick's Empower Network Blog

About me

I love staying busy! In the summer time I stay busy by gardening, raising chickens, rabbits, doing as much outside work as I possibly can because in the winter months there is not much I feel like doing outside. So, I Blog about different things like writing recipes on cooking, baking, to share with others, or latest news on fashion styles or a gadget! And in between learn something new! I always try do my best to read a book on how to do something, be it building a raised bed for the garden or learning a new step to do in my business.

Current project

Learning a few bits and pieces of html, for me it is a gradual step. I am not a techno person so it takes me a little longer to do anything with technology.

Type of gardener

I plant flowers, veggies, fruit. What ever I feel a fancy to plant that year.

Favorite garden activity

The pleasure of digging up the crop for that year!