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Aqua Green Thumb

Member since: June 22, 2012


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New orleans, La 70130
USDA hardiness zone 9A

Member since:

June 22, 2012

About me

This is my first year growing vegetables, herbs, and succulents on my 2nd floor balcony container garden. I also enjoy easy, long lasting house plants like my fig tree and pony tail palm.

Current project

Currently, I am planning to grow at least 4 vegetables (strawberries too) and a host of herbs (including garlic & ginger)with each changing season!

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

potting plants!

garden wall

Love you, and living in Louisiana, you have the advantage of living on the green side of the states. I live in CA and travelled by car, we drove into Houston in driving rain continuing to Key West, NY, DC, and home again. There was no desert after that; so much life there. Make the most of your location, and if you've ever been to my house, you'll surely know what I mean; the desert is no picnic when it comes to raising greenery. With the climate changing, I have seen my own neighborhood change from green to a much more desert climate; still trying to hang on to my hope, we seem to be coming back sometimes. (rain dances help!)
suenodemialma commented on 06/30/12
Thank You & greetings! I am growing more and more excited about my veggies. Unfortunately, I have quite a bit of shade on my porch. We will see... & luck to you!
Aqua Green Thumb replied: on 07/20/12