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Sandy's Gardens and More

Member since: April 19, 2012


Breinigsville, Pa 18031
USDA hardiness zone 6A

Member since:

April 19, 2012

About me

I have been gardening since I was 10 years old (That"s a long time) I'm now 56. I do landscaping and design as a job/hobby. I love finding treasures in peoples trash and making things out of them(you would not believe what people throw out) I worked in retail for many years and at the age of 45 decided to do what I love, gardening and anything that has to do with it. I will try anything at least once.

Current project

Fixing a water drainage problem at my house and the neighbors house. Water coming off a hill drains down between our houses and washes everything out that is in it's path. Putting in a dry riverbed with gardens on the sides.

Type of gardener

Anything and everything to do with gardens

Favorite garden activity

Landscape design

garden wall

Thank you for having such a great place for me to talk with other gardeners with passion. I also love to take photos of plants, flowers, and other things dealing with the outdoors. This is a great spot for me to show my pictures. Thank you again and keep up the good work.
Sandy's Gardens and More commented on 04/23/12