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Member since: March 30, 2012



Tama, Ia 52339
USDA hardiness zone 5A

Member since:

March 30, 2012

About me

I've been doing lawn care upkeep as a business for 25 years but have over the last two years have been wanting and trying to move more into landscape design and installation.

Current project

Opening Longview Lawns as both a landscape design and lawn maintenance company.

Type of gardener

fairly new to landscaping in Iowa..always wanting to know more

Favorite garden activity

Watering my garden...there is nothing more peaceful in the mornings

garden wall

Welcome to the world of Landscape Design. An important thing for all professional designers to do is have some sort of formal training. It goes hand in hand with our natural talents and eye for what looks good. Our climate here in Virginia is so diverse so I experiment with all types of plants and I learn much from observations. Please share photos of your projects I look forward to seeing them.
yblu4elgd commented on 03/31/12
Just moved up from Tx to Ia last year and am just starting out up here. Yes, the formal training is necessary, I took some design classes in Austin but then moved up here. Am always looking for more info especially since im more familiar with zone 8-9 plants vs. 5a...Great to meet ya
longview replied: on 04/01/12
Welcome to digthedirt! You are probably living closer to me than anyone else on this site. I am just over the Iowa border in Nebraska. I grew up in Iowa so if you need an old timers perspective of the climate in this zone I hope I can help.
MRS.D replied: on 04/01/12
thanks Mrs. D...i appreciate it
longview replied: on 04/02/12