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Renton, Wa 98059
USDA hardiness zone 7B

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March 16, 2012

About me

By profession, I'm a floral designer. I've been in the business for many years and have had a chance to do a lot of different things. I've done both traditional and high end shop designs and even worked grocery floral. My first love is gardening. As a child, I remember my mom's worst punishment-weeding the garden. We had both vegetable and flower gardens and it was a family affair. All those years, and I never told her I actually liked it! I've always thrown myself into everything I've tried and I'm really good at making messes. One Summer, I painted a picnic table, well... I tried. And another, I stained a wood deck. (I won't go into any details on that one) Now, I guess I consider myself seasoned and like to share info and freelance write floral and garden stories. Some other hobbies I enjoy are reading, day trips, and yoga. I live in Newcastle, WA with my partner in crime and the most spoiled cat on the planet.

Current project

I am actually pursing a business venture that allows me to show and sell my botanical artwork. I'm in the very early stages and have decided to "let go" and let others help so I can concentrate on the creation side of things. Also, I'm trying to find a group that matches local gardeners with land owners.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

either enjoying the sunset with a nice glass of Riesling or entertaining in my back yard.

garden wall

Do you STILL like weeding? Because if so, I have a garden that would give you hours of joy! Just say the word! Ha.
TheGardenFriend commented on 03/16/12
Yes! Weird huh? I was just checking out your posts- very good stuff!
flowerfanatic replied: on 03/16/12
Thanks! I'm new here like you, but I love this site and think it will be fun and informative.
TheGardenFriend replied: on 03/16/12