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March 14, 2012

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It's not just that bulb planting time is upon us that I'm passionate about bulbs. It's that now is the time of year to watch the crocus magically appear amid the brown uniformity of winter-battered mulch; to spot the sudden and subtle splashes of yellow from unfurling daffodils; to anticipate the mad flourish of hyacinth, tulips and lillies that will soon paint colorful swaths across the summer landscape. I'm passionate about bulbs because they seem to appear unexpected, out of nowhere, like a genie from a lamp. They continue to surprise you, when suddenly you spot a splash of color in a forgotten corner. Bulbs are easy to plant and provide years of enjoyment with little maintenance. Planting them is just a matter of paying attention to the ideal soil conditions. Because most bulbs prefer full sun, location is a simple matter of exposure. This is even easier for Spring bulbs, since many of them flower before shade-making trees and shrubs even sprout leaves. You can plant different varieties of bulbs together so that at the end of one bloom another one begins; or you can mix bulbs among other plants to help hide fading blooms. There is such a wide variety of species - and colors and styles within species - that bulbs make a great choice for garden variety and curb appeal. I love perennial bulbs because they're low maintenance beauties that provide surprise and enjoyment all season long. With that kind of reliability and variety, you can't go wrong with a flower bed full of them!