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CallunaGarden (Heather Harris)

Member since: March 14, 2012

Posts and Questions

Dog Days of Summer: How to keep our gardens looking their best »

August is usually the time of year when some homeowners start losing interest in their landscapes. Their plants are either dying back from the heat (...

Wildlife Friendly Landscapes »

Gardening for wildlife means you’ll see beautiful butterflies, birds, and humming birds; along with chipmunks, frogs and other important creatur...

Bang, Bang! Get ready to get knocked over by two new Coreopsis plants for 2012 »

Skagit Gardens has introduced two new plants to the Coreopsis Big Bang series. 'Star Cluster' and 'Cosmic Evolution' will delight your senses with lar...

Do you love zucchini, but don't have the space? Here's the plant for you! »

Territorial Seed Company has introduced a new zucchini for the 2012 season. This beauty can be grown in containers! Patio Star Squash takes 50 days an...

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