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Pontiac, Mi 48342
USDA hardiness zone 5B

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March 08, 2012

About me

I am a disabled grandma of 6 who recently moved into an apartment on the 9th floor of an urban high rise with no balcony. I was able to get a south-south-eastern exposure with a great view and love taking photographs of the Sunrise, the moon and the clouds. Have numerous chronic health conditions I'm slowly learning to manage and have always loved to garden

Current project

Creating an organic edible indoor garden to become more self sustaining, stretch my food dollars farther and eat healthier. This is a totally different approach to gardening for me and kind of experimental.

Type of gardener

container grown herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers

Favorite garden activity

seeing it all grow

garden wall

I have been in my apartment one month today. So far all the seeds have sprouted and are growing well. My cats, Molly and Colleen are curious, but have been kept at bay by plastic wrap around shish-kabob skewer poles stick into the containers. The new little plants are getting good light from my SSE windows.
jDelaneyh commented on 03/09/12