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CrazyCatLady (Heather Garvey)

Member since: February 28, 2012


Fresno, Ca 93705
USDA hardiness zone 8A


Heather Garvey

Member since:

February 28, 2012

About me

I work in animal rescue. Its not a easy profession. Gardening is something I have enjoyed from childhood.

Current project

Re-potting a number of my plants after my dog Ruby decided to pull them out. Yes, she likes to garden too... much to my dismay. That was last year... I lost Ruby in Oct.12,2012. And I wish I having to repot plants she pulled them out. Put up a new fense around the pool now trying to figure out what I want to plant to cover the fence,

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

rose cultivation, succulants, cactus and herbs

garden wall

If you go to eBay you can look at scented geranium, I found a store called Colonial Creek Farm has 36 varieties of the scented geranium you're looking for
MrsClintEastwood commented on 05/05/12
Thank you for the info. I will be checking it out. :)
CrazyCatLady replied: on 05/09/12
Absolutely love all of your flower pots you painted especially the ones of Sally oogie boogie and Jack from the movie nightmare before Christmas, may have to try one of these myself keep up the good work , <br/>Karen
MrsClintEastwood commented on 05/05/12
Thank you... :)
CrazyCatLady replied: on 05/09/12
Thank you for having this great data base... I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Its Wonderful!
CrazyCatLady commented on 02/28/12
You're welcome!!! I love all the plants you're putting in! Any chance you want to learn how to put your plants in the database and become a paid garden editor?? Let me know and THANK YOU!
chief cultivator replied: on 03/03/12
Oh wow, Do tell?
CrazyCatLady replied: on 03/07/12
What do I need to do?
CrazyCatLady replied: on 03/19/12