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TheCitrusGuy (Darren Sheriff)

Member since: February 12, 2012



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North charleston, Sc 29418
USDA hardiness zone 8A


Darren Sheriff

Member since:

February 12, 2012

My Website or Blog:

The Citrus Guy

About me

I am a South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association Certified Professional Nurseryman, A Charleston County Master Gardener and I work for Lowcountry Nursery. I am on the Charleston County Master Gardener Board of Directors and an active member of the Coastal Carolina Camellia Society. I am known as "The Citrus Guy" in the MG and horticultural world here. I currently have 61 different varieties of Citrus in my yard, all in containers. I am also an Exotic Tropical Fruit buff, growing things many people have never heard of. I am an experienced lecturer and I am always eager to share what I have learned about Citrus and many other aspects of gardening.

Current project

My normal Spring ritual of clean up and re-arranging the yard. Moving things to different places to see if they do better and just to change the scenery.

Type of gardener

Master Gardener

Favorite garden activity

Citrus, Exotic Fruit, edibles