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garden slug

Member since: April 21, 2009



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Mercer island, Wa 98040
USDA hardiness zone 7B

Member since:

April 21, 2009

About me

I am a working mom that loves to garden in my free time. I work on a computer all day at the office so it is nice to get dirt under my nails when I am at home! I live in the Pacific Northwest where there are an endless number of amazing plant growers and I love visiting them when their gardens are in season and learning about each hybrid.

Current project

Trying to recreate Bali in my WA garden :)

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Drinking a cup of coffee EARLY in the morning and weeding

garden wall

Hi Garden Slug--Thank you for adding some tulips to the database. They definitely helped me in attempting to identify some tulips I have sprouting in one of my gardens, where I planted 500 tulip bulbs. I have no idea which cultivars I planted because they were purchased as a bushel and on clearance. They haven't been getting as much sunlight as tulips need, based on how much I've learned on this site and the fact that the flowers were emerging/opening at the soil's surface. I've added some grow lights, and they seem to have helped. As the tulips grow and display their loveliness, I'm delighting in their beauty and thankful that gardeners like you share your knowledge in an arena such as this. Happy Gardening, LilyLover
LilyLover commented on 03/21/10
Please join the Mercer island urban farm network on this site too! We can keep in closer contact.
Kim commented on 02/21/10
hello slug! i really like your favorite garden activity, it sounds delightful. Your lucky because your coffee in that area is especially yummy I don't think your weeds come with fire ants attached like down here! :)
hosta la vista commented on 10/16/09
Hey slug, join the new alumni group: <br/>
chief cultivator commented on 10/01/09
Things are pretty wet here in Mattapoisett. We should be off to Cape Cod today.
sam spade commented on 08/13/09
I am soooo jealous of you guys right now, 25% humidity and crispy critter plants all over the place in the TX Hill country. ;-)
cajunbarry commented on 07/21/09
Hi Sluggy... still working on the garden, so no pics to post yet... maybe some day when things are looking a little better :-)
modernman commented on 07/20/09
Have you guys made it to Bainbridge Island or the Bloedel Reserve yet? It is most incredible as the epitome of a grand formal estate garden. The Japanese garden there is awesome! The native madrones are something else too. I am dreaming of the cool Pacific northwest in sweltering Austin Texas this morning... ;-) Barry <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 07/14/09
Hi &#x27;Slug&#x27;... <br/>How does your garden grow? It&#x27;s 104 here in Austin, my plants are rapidly drying up and turning into crispy critters, and my brain is boiling. Ah, gardening in Texas! One plant that loves the dry heat is lavender. The Blanco, Texas Lavender Daze fest is this weekend: <br/>Happy Gardening, <br/>Barry Appleseed <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 07/06/09
Hi Slug :-) <br/>Your wall was looking a little bare, so I thought I&#x27;d say HI!
chief cultivator commented on 06/05/09