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Member since: December 12, 2009



Corona, Ca 92883
USDA hardiness zone 9B

Member since:

December 12, 2009

About me

I love flowers and am filled with joy when someone compliments my garden and/or I can brighten someone's day with a bouquet of unusual cut flowers from my yard. Conversations with other gardeners always delight me.

Current project

I'm so excited to see what the spring and summer seasons deliver in our gardens.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Daily walk-throughs of my garden to see if anything new has started to pop up and/or to observe the progress of its blooms.

garden wall

HI there! It's me Denise!!! I love this site, thanks for recommending it!
FloraGal62 commented on 03/15/10
Hi Denise--What a wonderful suprise. I'm delighted that you're on this site, and I can't wait to see your posts, because you have such an incredible wealth of knowledge and good sense to share.
LilyLover replied: on 03/16/10
Congratulations! Your newest post has been selected to be one of our featured posts on our homepage!
FigTree commented on 02/17/10
That is truly cool! Thank you!
LilyLover replied: on 02/18/10
hi LL! Love your post about the callas :) Would you mind if I changed the photos so people can just scroll right through and see them all without having to click through them on the top? They will have the option of doing both. Just didn't want to change it without asking :)!! Take care.
FigTree commented on 02/15/10
Hi FigTree--It would be wonderful if people could scroll right down through the photos instead of clicking through them. I appreciate that you asked me, though; it was thoughtful of you to do so. Thank you!
LilyLover replied: on 02/16/10
Hi LL- You can actually do it yourself when writing a post. There is a little icon picture of a animated tree (it's very small) at the top of box where you write your posts. Put the cursor where you want the picture to be, and click the icon. It will put a grey box on your post that says "your image here". Once you upload the photos, they automatically show up on the post for people to scroll through. Please ask if have any questions!
FigTree replied: on 02/17/10
beautiful photos you're adding today :)feeling inspired?
FigTree commented on 02/11/10
Expensively inspired...I purchased three bulbs of each variety (in addition to the one dozen corms of calla lily 'Hot Chocolate' from another vendor last week). I just love their rich colors, how long they last in a vase, plus the smiles they put on peoples faces when I give a bouquet of them.
LilyLover replied: on 02/12/10
I totally know the feeling... just made a huge seed order purchase and feeling excited about all the fun they will bring... but felling poor now:) Oh well!
FigTree replied: on 02/12/10
I bought them all from Seeds of Change-- got EVERYTHING as I just built 2 new veggie beds and have never done it before, so I think I just got overly excited. There is no way I will fit them all in. But I am helping the childcare place where my son is build a bed as well so I can donate some to them :) Mostly I love heirloom tomatoes, like everyone else, but am super into herbs, as I use fresh herbs for cooking and hate to spend so much money on them all the time. I am dying to get a greenhouse someday- that is my ultimate dream come true. Oh geez I rambled on... :)
FigTree replied: on 02/13/10
Hey LL! Glad to be your friend here!
FigTree commented on 01/22/10
Thank you, FigTree! I look forward to more of our exchanges. Happy gardening!
LilyLover replied: on 01/26/10
Hope you can join my group <br/> <br/>It all about recipes for veggies after you&#x27;ve grown them!
Welcome, fellow lily lover! Love the daylily in your profile picture! Daylilies are near and dear to my heart!
Daylilyjoy commented on 12/14/09
Hi DaylilyJoy--Thank you for reaching out to me. It is great to be able to connect with another daylily enthusiast. The All American Frankly Scarlet daylily comprises the image in my profile, and it is one of the first daylilies I ever planted. It easily became my favorite as well. When I first started learning about daylilies, I committed myself to tagging them and keeping the cultivars separate from one another....but, my daylily joy :) grew faster than my knowledge base so they had already been mixed together in many instances. Either way, it doesn't matter, they grow beautifully in two of my gardens; and they have filled me with pride as so many people have actually stopped their cars to tell us how beautiful our garden looks. Plus, I've been delighted to fill vases with them and give them as gifts. I would love to learn more about the daylilies that you have and what you do with them.--Sincerely, LilyLover
LilyLover replied: on 12/18/09
Hey there lilylover... Welcome to DTD! We are so happy to have you here and want to make this a great experience for you, so please ask any questions big or small if you have problems with the site. <br/> <br/>If you want to start a garden journal/blog go to the &quot;contributions&quot; tab on your profile and start uploading photos and writing your heart out. We love to hear all about your garden and see the progress, and even the setbacks. <br/> <br/>Please tell all your friends about DTD as we want to keep this site running in all it&#x27;s glory!
dig the dirt editor commented on 12/14/09
Thank you, DTD Editor. This site has already offered me a great amount of joy, and I've been sharing it (even in holiday card comments) with my gardening friends as well. This is the easiest and funnest site to use for gardening enthusiasts.
LilyLover replied: on 12/18/09
so glad you like this site- we are working very hard to make it the best one out there, so keep spreading the word! We appreciate all your enthusiasm and spirit!
FigTree replied: on 01/26/10
I love the daily garden reviews as well. It&#x27;s so fun to see the small progressions!!!
Lily commented on 12/13/09
Thank you so much for sharing this website with me, Lily! I'm really excited about it.
LilyLover replied: on 12/13/09
So glad you're enjoying the site! I learned about it on FB from Figtree and I pass on the site to everyone! I'm glad to have another gardener from zone 9B...different coasts, though!!! :)
Lily replied: on 12/20/09