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July 14, 2011

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The Eloquent Garden

About me

The alter-ego of Jan Roz, I am a therapeutic gardener, horticulturalist and garden designer. I am a dancer of rocknroll, writer, scrabble player, recipe inventor, lover of idle and not so idle chat. Your garden eloquently reflects yourself, your needs, wishes, deep desires, dreams. I use gardening and nature-related activities to address the needs of people I work with. These can be physical, social, emotional or developmental needs. Therapeutic gardening can be creative, active, effective, surprising, subversive, fun, even hilarious. I use knowledge from horticulture, garden history and philosophy, plant folklore, literature and personal experience.

Current project

I'm about to move into a new home, with absolutely no garden, so the gardening will soon begin! I plan to document my progress so stay tuned for my plans and a budding beautiful garden in no time!