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Catus @ Huntington Gardens »

Went to Huntington gardens in Pasadena and saw some amazing plants!...

Unique and Unusual Roses »

A look at some unusual roses to grow in your garden. Make people take a second look!...

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Buzz words - kicking it gardening style

May 18, 2010

Where do you come up with this stuff? So funny, and I wish I was more creative-- how about this: ...

Something's munching my sunflowers!

May 18, 2010

Good to know this- I never thought a bird would eat the leaf of a plant, but I guess why not! I just...

A list

May 18, 2010

You do sound like a very busy gardener! I like how many different things you are growing- I am reall...

Baby bok choy with ginger and garlic

May 18, 2010

Love this- sounds quick and easy and just in the nick of time. I actually just harvested my Bok Choy...

Eight Tips For Growing Fantastic Okra

May 18, 2010

Sounds like a really good plant to grow in Los Angeles- I never think of growing okra- Might have to ...

How do I know when to harvest my onions?

May 18, 2010

wow! look at all of those onions... they look yummy. ...


May 18, 2010

I love your website- so great- congrats on all of your wins!...

Pressed Flowers Art

March 31, 2010

So beautiful! What great happy colors. I love that last one especially....

Poppies & posies

March 31, 2010

Wish you were in Los Angeles. These designs are so simple and pretty....

A Stroll Through Provincetown

March 19, 2010

And those barbie/ken dolls are hilarious....