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Beverly hills, Ca 90210

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April 20, 2009

About me

I am a Stay at Home mom of 2 girls, and just love to work in my garden when I have the time. My favorite flower is the the modern rose- any variety will do.

Current project

Thinking about a vegetable garden this Spring...

Type of gardener

Modern Rose Maniac!

Favorite garden activity

Looking at new blooms with my girls

garden wall

Hi, Butterfly! I had a bed of 21 roses when I lived in the Chicago suburbs. One of my favorite gardens of all time! Only certain varieties can tolerate the Florida climate, though. Knockout is a great one for down here. Your CA climate must be PERFECT for some gorgeous blooms!!!
Lily commented on 01/26/10
I have to say that Los Angeles is an very interesting place to live and it IS the perfect climate for roses- makes it easy to deal with! I do absolutely love the Knockout roses- they are so easy ( I said easy twice!! Hope you don't think I am lazy)
butterfly replied: on 03/10/10
Butterfly, I am jealous that you get to grow the modern roses. They are so beautiful, and I know the dry California climate is perfect for them. I've tried growing them enough to know that I never will again. Black spot is constant here in Florida, and you cry every time it rains at night (which is nearly every night in summer). Thankfully, I've discovered old roses and the knockouts.
Daylilyjoy commented on 09/30/09
Yes, the knockouts are truly great as they just make it work. I am sorry about the problems you have in Florida, but you must be able to grow some great tropicals...?
butterfly replied: on 03/10/10