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Mercer island, Wa 98040
USDA hardiness zone 7B

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April 20, 2009

About me

I am a working mother, living on Mercer Island, WA and I just love this website! So fun and easy to use. Can;t wait to upload some pictures of some amazing roses! I love roses- all kinds and do my best to grow them.

Current project

Getting ready to do some bare root planting in November and trying to find another sunny spot in my garden- hard to do up here in the Pacific Northwest, but I love them so I won't give up.

Type of gardener

Rose enthusiast

Favorite garden activity

Smelling the roses!

garden wall

Hey, Earthworm!! I'm a midwestern transplant in zone 9b on the SE Florida coast. I had a spectacular rose garden up north, in the northern suburbs of Chicago, close to the Wisconsin line. When we first moved down here, 5 years ago, roses were some of the first flowers I planted. My ignorance got the best of me, and they all burned to a crisp in the hot Florida sun. I've not planted any since, and I see few that survive in my neighborhood yards. However, I do know that they thrive in some areas in Florida...I've not been able to master the challenge as of yet. But I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, I hope to enjoy your roses!!
Lily commented on 10/07/09