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USDA hardiness zone 4

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April 12, 2010

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Hi, I love the plants and have so much to learn. I live in MA and just bought a farm in ME. It gets colder there and the land needs lots of work. I'm planning on growing herbs there or using the space for healing. I've been blessed with this house and grounds. I'm a nurse but the plants are my true passion.

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Zone 4 plants

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Let it grow, let it grow!

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garden wall

Thanks for adding me as a friend, and the message you wrote! I have so much to learn from everyone back there, I know things are night and day different from here, and even very different from my experiences in WA state. Hope to learn a lot from you and everyone else! Have a great day!
gardengirl77 commented on 05/23/10
hi there vbk!! <br/> <br/>we couldn&#x27;t be happier that you found us!! we are all about sharing in our gardening adventures, showing each other what work and what doesn&#x27;t. To create a post click on the &quot;contributions&quot; tab above and then click on &quot;new contribution&quot;. There you can either categorize your contribution as a question or a post! <br/> <br/>Please ask the community questions... it makes us feel important :) <br/> <br/>We would love to see your garden and it&#x27;s progresses, and as time goes on, this community will grow and help each other make our gardens grow! <br/> <br/>If you&#x27;re confused or have any questions, please feel free to ask me!
FigTree commented on 04/13/10
Hello Fellow Zone 4 gardener! Thanks for the add!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 04/13/10