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JBulb (Jennifer Brandt)

Member since: February 14, 2011



Milwaukee, Wi 53224
USDA hardiness zone 5B


Jennifer Brandt

Member since:

February 14, 2011

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About me

I am a young female horticulturalist, who has been working with plants for the last ten years, basically since I graduated from High School. I have an Associate degree in Horticulture. Most of my work and plant experience has come from garden centers. I now work at Holland Bulb Farms, we are an online retailer of quality dutch bulbs, perennials, fruits, vegetables and water lilies. I absolutely love being outdoors, either gardening, hanging out with my dogs, or disc golfing, that is what I do!

Current project

Monitoring the tulips, daffodils and crocus I forced in my attic this winter. Then on to container gardening in spring, and planting either a butterfly garden or an orange, purple and green garden.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Cutting flowers and taking pictures