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April 10, 2010

About me

I lived in Raleigh, NC for over a year and had a container garden with herbs (basil, thyme, others and unsuccessful tomatoes). I currently live in London, UK where I have no space to grow, but I will be moving to the San Francisco area at the end of the year after I get married!!

Current project

My actual gardening has stopped because I have no space to grow anything. So now I am trying to learn more about different types of flowers and plants so I can grow them when I get a little more room! Book and Film suggestions are always welcome!

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Weeding (I know weird, right?)

garden wall

You will love the article "grow a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes" check it out!
FigTree commented on 05/04/10
Hey the lupin lover! <br/> <br/>I see that you are already making lots of friends here! You can also ask a question to the community. If you click on &quot;contributions&quot; tab above on your personal profile, and you want to ask a question, just click on &quot;new contribution, and scroll down on the box that says &quot;kind&quot; and scroll down and say question. This way it reaches out to everyone on the site and not just your buddies on the site. <br/> <br/>Glad you made it here!!!
FigTree commented on 04/12/10
Welcome fellow gardener! How exciting you are considering growing herbs and veggie&#x27;s this summer! You can grow a TON in containers! Don&#x27;t let the fact of living in an apartment detour you! Being that you live in NC, you can grow determinate tomato&#x27;s (those that only grow to 3 feet) in a pot on your porch! I&#x27;m envious! I live at 8300 feet! You won&#x27;t need a trellis, and plant some basil at the base of the tomato plant. You could grow a &#x27;tea garden&#x27; in your pots and include: chamomile, lemongrass, lemon balm, mints, sage...or other culinary herbs: parsley, chives, oregano, thyme...I could go on and on! <br/> <br/>Good growing to you! <br/>Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 04/11/10
Thanks so much!! I was reading about tomatoes last night (I never knew that there were two distinct types). Here are some of the things that are a little worrisome to me. 1. Sunlight, I have TONS of direct sunlight in the morning and it's all shaded in the afternoon. Will that have an effect? 2. Size of the pot, I don't want to overcrowd things and kill them.... 3. Water, do I water them or just let nature take over? On a more personal note, you live in CO? I love the wildflowers there!! They are some of the prettiest things ever! I was reading your profile and looked at your website, so you make tea from the things you grow? That could be the coolest thing actually DOING your passion!
lupinlover replied: on 04/11/10
Actually there are 3 distinct types of tomato's. There is a semi-determinate. One that grows 3-5 feet apparently but nothing I have played with yet! Your tomato's in NC will probably appreciate the morning sun and afternoon shade since I imagine it can get so hot there!. Just experiment and see what happens! You can't go wrong and you can only learn more! You will absolutely need to water your container plants. In fact, plants in containers need to be watered more often than plants in the ground. If you grow one tomato (determinate or indeterminate) in a 2 foot diameter pot (or whiskey barrel) you can definitely fit basil etc in there! I do live in Colorado. You are right, the wildflowers are amazing here! I moved here 3 1/2 years ago from Sonoma County (California) where it is equally as beautiful. Growing plants in high altitude conditions is what I call "X-Gardening" know, it can be a bit extreme here in the mountains! And yes, I do brew my own herbal products including crafting my own teas from the herbs I grow here on my land. When I can't or don't grow the specific herb, I purchase them from rockin' organic growers. It IS the COOLEST thing ever. I truly feel I am living my dream life--not just dreamin' it anymore. One of my passions is to inspire other people to do the same...that is, LIVE their dream life. I am proof that is possible! Good growing to you, Ashely. Feel free to email me here or via: if you have any other questions. Not that I can answer them, but I will do my best! I, too, am learning as I go! Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 04/12/10