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TeeRiddle (Tee Riddle)

Member since: April 09, 2010



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Hampton, Va 23666
USDA hardiness zone 7


Tee Riddle

Member since:

April 09, 2010

About me

Hello - My name is Tee Riddle and I am a vegetable gardening fanatic. I love growing organically and deeply intrigued by heirlooms. As a child, my family rented a house from a farmer and we were surrounded by 133 acres of farm land. During this time, I would work on the farm on weekends and full-time during the summer. This was when I found a passion for growing plants. I grew my very first vegetable, Better Boy tomatoes, when I was 12 years old. Since then, I have found a deep appreciation for heirloom variety vegetables. I also have a blog depicting my vegetable gardening tips and tricks at

Current project

Getting my vegetable garden started for the season and helping my neighbor start his very first vegetable garden. It's a blast!

Type of gardener

organic vegetable gardener

Favorite garden activity

everything! Even pulling weeds

garden wall

OH! And please put a link to your blog in your about me, or current project area- there is an icon in the toolbar when you are editing to create a link!
FigTree commented on 04/09/10
Hey There teeriddle! <br/> <br/>So very glad you are going to do a guest post! PLease let me know if you have any problems figuring out the posting system. Our search bar has been down for a couple of days (a bug in the system ARG!) but we are on the mission to fix it as quickly as possible. <br/> <br/>Thank you for being here and can&#x27;t wait to read you genius advice :) <br/> <br/>
FigTree commented on 04/09/10
Hi FigTree! Thank you for the warm welcome :-) I finally got a post up, please let me know if it is suitable. I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding. Things got crazy there for a bit. I will try to post more here if that is OK, and I look forward to interacting with the members here. Again, thanks so much for everything :-) Oh, one more thing - I'll add Dig the Dirt to my blogroll!
TeeRiddle replied: on 05/18/10
Hey tee! Thanks for the post! SO excited to check it out. Not to worry on the timing... life just gets busy when it's gardening season :) Thank you for putting us on your blog roll, we will put you in our "links we like" section. Take care...
FigTree replied: on 05/18/10