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photoclark (Phillip Clark)

Member since: October 14, 2010


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Colfax, La 71417
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Phillip Clark

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October 14, 2010

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A Poor Man's Garden

About me

Freelance photographer with a passion for gardening. I have discovered you can get just about anything you want for your garden for little or nothing if you learn how to be patient. There is always someone somewhere digging up and throwing away perfectly good plants and almost always willing to let you have a cutting or the seeds.

Current project

I am trying to propagate ferns from spores. I have a beautiful staghorn fern and some bostons maturing right now. I may get to set the spores in soil tomorrow.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Photographing butterflies.

garden wall

So I am in Pennsylvania installing a piece of equipment for my day job, and as luck would have it, I am two blocks from Terrains. What a neat shop. And, Longwood Gardens is right up the street. Good thing I have time to kill in the morning.
photoclark commented on 10/21/10
I am so jealous of you going to Terrain...never been but it is my favorite website!
chief cultivator replied: on 10/29/10
Terrain was a neat place. They were transitioning to their fall/winter mode, so not a lot was displayed. But, I had a great time looking and visiting with the staff. They are truly helpful, knowledgeable and were willing to share their expertise with me.
photoclark replied: on 10/31/10