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Deer park, Wa 99006
USDA hardiness zone 5B

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September 16, 2010

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Gardner, six chickens, interested in herbal remedies and sprouting

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Sprouting, chickens, growing healing herbs

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garden wall

So far I have planted the cold veggies and they are doing well. Cabbages, brocolli, and some beans. My garlic chives have been up a while and doing great. I planted some potatoes this wk end, hold my breath! I will wait to put out my tomatoes and squash until this wk end and protect them. It&#x27;s a crazy year! <br/>
dianaf commented on 05/16/11
Hi,I live near Spirit Lake Idaho and I know Deer Park seems like here meaning you are cold and morning frost is still around. I,m wondering if you have planted anything yet and if so what did you plant. I,m new to gardening so any help would be nice.
hapehr commented on 05/08/11
Hi there! We are happy you found us and we want to help you with your garden in any way we can. For our newest members we love it when people do something we call a &quot;garden walk-about&quot;, which is you showing us and telling us about your garden in a post (described how to do this below). <br/> <br/>****If you would like to ask the community a question or share your garden in a post follow these simple instructions *** <br/> <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage (to get there, click on the Dig The Dirt symbol above) <br/>2. click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>3. Scroll down to &quot;create a post&quot; This is where you can write a post or ask a question with pictures and text, link to your blog or website and just get creative! <br/> <br/>***You can also add a plant to our database*** <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage and click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>2. scroll down to &quot;add a plant&quot; <br/>3. follow steps 1-5 and you are a part of the ultimate virtual community garden! <br/> <br/>If you are a blogger please create a hyperlink in your personal profile and grab one of our unique badges at for your blog!
dig the dirt editor commented on 09/17/10