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jmarkowski (john markowski)

Member since: March 23, 2010


Frenchtown, Nj 08825
USDA hardiness zone 6B


john markowski

Member since:

March 23, 2010

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An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

About me

Garden blog at: Husband of 13 years. Father of a 4 and 7 year old. When not busy with all of these gems I am out in the yard. It is a true obsession.

Current project

Started garden blogging in February and I am totally hooked. Show the good, the bad and the ugly with a sense of humor.

Type of gardener

Little of everything but love the grasses and interested in foliage more than flowers

Favorite garden activity


garden wall

Hi JW, New member to this site, Love to garden and look forward to sharing stories and ideas with all my new gardening friends. <br/> <br/>Jackie
Raven1489 commented on 10/04/10
hi jw i just found out about this site yesterday and already have enjoyed it. one of my passions is Hosta and i can really grow some big ones. i have to divide it each and every season and the blue is my favorite. i live in a town that is known as &quot;mayberry&quot; ( the andy griffith show ) and we have some of the riches soil in some parts( luckily at my house). we now have living here &quot;the joe gardner&quot; guy. went to a yard sale at his house and got some fantaskic garden tools- thanks for accepting me as a friend and i will be talking to you soon
kalj commented on 08/18/10
Hi JM- <br/> <br/>Wondering if you have ever tried to add a plant to the plant database? It does require some time in that you need to add it and a description of the plant, but wondering if you wouldn&#x27;t mind trying to do it maybe with Baptisia &#x27;Twilite Prairie Blues&#x27;, and then let me know how difficult /easy it is for you to do. <br/> <br/>Not an emergency, just trying to see if it is too complicated for the average person.
FigTree commented on 05/25/10
Hi John - I thought you&#x27;d enjoy to hear how you brought me to this sight! That&#x27;s right! I recently connected with a cousin in Ireland, more times removed that I can count. He owns a nursery in Ireland and, I think, he&#x27;s been on this site. He had a little note about the blog, Obsessive neurotic gardener. I took a look, and ended up here which I think will be a great experience for me. <br/> <br/>My cousin&#x27;s name is Pat Fitzgerald and his website is <br/> <br/>So, I thought you&#x27;d get a kick out of the knowing that I found this site all the way from Ireland.....oh, and by the way, I live in Madison NJ. We&#x27;re neighbors! <br/>
safeharbor commented on 05/21/10
Wow ... that is so funny. I do remember your cousin, we had a quick chat through Twitter when I started following him. Small world, huh? I absolutely love Madison! We used to have friends who lived in Chatham and we used to always head into Madison for dinner. Beautiful, beautiful, town. I look forward to chatting it up here with you and welcome!
jmarkowski replied: on 05/21/10
Thanks for the warm wishes John!
safeharbor replied: on 05/23/10
Nice shovel there! Will definately be checking out your blog! I can already tell your a true Plantaholic
Plantaholic commented on 05/17/10
Love your writing- so funny and real. Thanks for the posts and I am going to check out your blog.
nematode commented on 05/03/10
Nice to have you as a friend here at Dig the Dirt.
Flowergardengirl commented on 04/29/10
John! I love your recent post- that was awesome... you should really put a link to your blog up there in your profile! If you need help doing it let me know!
FigTree commented on 04/27/10
Hey, John! Great to see you at Dig The Dirt! Everyone here is really won&#x27;t be disappointed. There&#x27;s a number of Blotanists here as well. BTW, your profile pic is a good one...beautiful family! <br/> <br/>- Lily (Kimberly @ Garden in Paradise)
Lily commented on 03/25/10
hey there jmarkowski! <br/> <br/>Welcome to Dig The Dirt... we are super happy you made it here. We don&#x27;t want to brag, but we&#x27;ve got a lot to offer here! <br/> <br/>Start a Gardening Journal/ Blog: just click on the tab &quot;contributions&quot; above and start writing and uploading photos. This is where you can really get the word out about how you are involved with gardening as your post lives on the homepage for all to see! <br/> <br/>Become a Featured Member: Every week we choose one member who has been active on our site and highlight them. <br/> <br/>If starting a blog is too intimidating you can read articles and ask questions: We have tons of info all over this site and there is so much more to come, so keep browsing. Ask any question you have and other members will answer, and if they don&#x27;t I will find out the answer for you! <br/> <br/>Make some friends: Don&#x27;t be shy- so far everyone is really kind and generous here. Just click on the green tab &quot;gardeners&quot; above and you can search by zone or city to make buddies in your area. <br/> <br/>Give us Feedback!! This is really important to us, as we are a brand new site, still in beta and we are working our hardest to bring you a great website. HAPPY GARDENING! <br/> <br/>BTW- you can set up a link to your website on your profile, all we ask for is for you to give us a link back ;)
dig the dirt editor commented on 03/23/10