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Spirit Horse Herbals (Kristie Nackord)

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Westcliffe, Co 81252
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Kristie Nackord

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March 17, 2010

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Spirit Horse Herbals

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An herbalicious 'herb girl' who lives to dig in the dirt! I'm Kristie Nackord—the herbalicious 'Herb Girl' behind Spirit Horse Herbals. I am a passionate and wild-hearted woman who loves plants and horses. Originally from Northern California, I moved to Westcliffe, Colorado to LIVE my dream life. That's right, live it, not just dream it! I lovingly grow most of my own organic herbs and flowers that I brew into my products. And if I don’t grow it, I buy my ingredients from only reputable organic growers. At 8,300 feet and with less than a 90-day growing season, most things that grow here are strong, courageous, and vibrant—qualities I feel are important to bring to any medicine.

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Spirit Horse Herbals

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garden wall

Hi Spirit Horse Herbals! I&#x27;m back on digthedirt website! Got kind of side-tracked! Found out that NO WAY do I have time to spend in 3 days/wk in a little front office shop! I&#x27;m my only employee and for that matter, the only employer really! Not sure about you but I am the only one growing flowers(digin&#x27;), pressing flowers (diggin&#x27;), designing pictures (While diggin for more product materials), NOT COMPLAINING!, but trying to do the mktg myself too! Things are going &quot;very well&quot; but could use more time! I&#x27;m sure you understand w/your company!! Just wanted to start touching base again (now that I&#x27;m out of little shop space - except for greeting card, hand-made goat milk&#x27;s soaps w/matching sachets filled w/my own potpourri - I&#x27;m keeping those few things there. <br/> <br/>I&#x27;m a &quot;defitnite herb lover&quot; - have trouble w/some so will be getting back w/you soon I hope! Hope your herbs are doing well and your business! <br/>Keep in touch (still not much luck w/parsley, winter savory, and chamomile!) so will be &quot;diggin&#x27; for dirt from you soon! faerie garden
faerie garden commented on 06/29/10
Hi Faerie Garden~ Welcome back to garden cyber-land! I would be more than happy to answer any qeustions that I can. You can always email me directly at or find me here on DigtheDirt. I do understand what it is like to be the digger, picker, packer, shipper. When it comes to farming or plants, I've always said you better love it because if you don't it's going to be a big drag! See you round DTD... Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 06/29/10
I went to your web and it&#x27;s awesome! As a psychologist who specializes in behavioral medicine and health psychology I really connected to your web site. <br/>Keep in touch! <br/>Larry <br/>
Lawrence Schulte commented on 05/24/10
Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback! The plants are incredible catalysts for healing on so many different levels... I look forward to staying in touch! Good growing to you.
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 05/24/10
Hi Kristie, <br/> I tried your hyperlink above and got a &quot;cannot find this page&quot;, thought you might like to know. I&#x27;ll google it instead. <br/>Peace, <br/>Larry <br/>
Lawrence Schulte commented on 05/23/10
Hi Larry, Thanks for that. Not sure why the link within the body of the profile doesn't work, but it does above. is the real deal, not sure what is up! Thanks for lettin' me know!
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 05/23/10
works now!
FigTree replied: on 05/23/10
So nice to meet you and I&#x27;m going to share you site with my FB friends.
Flowergardengirl commented on 04/13/10
Thank you so much!!! So nice to meet you as well. I look forward to staying connected!
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 04/13/10
got my calendula oil and tea-- the oil is awesome- been using it every day! LOVE IT! <br/> <br/>Haven&#x27;t tried the tea yet, but will let you know how it is :)
FigTree commented on 03/29/10
WAIT! You ordered tea and calendula oil from me...??? I missed it because I only know you as "FigTree"! And no one ordered from me named FigTree! Your first name??? And thank you so much for your support!!!!! I'm so appreciative and am glad you are enjoying the oil! Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 03/29/10
yes! Kaarina :) It is awesome and I love it!!!
FigTree replied: on 03/29/10
I'm such a GOOBER. Kaarina, of course!!! I'm so, so, so glad it is all working out for you!
Spirit Horse Herbals replied: on 04/08/10
You are so NOT a GOOBER, but I do love that word intensely! :) Cannot wait for the next post- it was amazing, and my husband literally uses the calendula oil every day and it is working out fabulously!
FigTree replied: on 04/08/10
hey there spirit horse herbals! <br/> <br/>Welcome to Dig The Dirt... we are super happy you made it here. We don&#x27;t want to brag, but we&#x27;ve got a lot to offer here! <br/> <br/>Start a Gardening Journal/ Blog: just click on the tab &quot;contributions&quot; above and start writing and uploading photos. This is where you can really get the word out about how you are involved with gardening as your post lives on the homepage for all to see! <br/> <br/>Become a Featured Member: Every week we choose one member who has been active on our site and highlight them. <br/> <br/>If starting a blog is too intimidating you can read articles and ask questions: We have tons of info all over this site and there is so much more to come, so keep browsing. Ask any question you have and other members will answer, and if they don&#x27;t I will find out the answer for you! <br/> <br/>Make some friends: Don&#x27;t be shy- so far everyone is really kind and generous here. Just click on the green tab &quot;gardeners&quot; above and you can search by zone or city to make buddies in your area. <br/> <br/>Give us Feedback!! This is really important to us, as we are a brand new site, still in beta and we are working our hardest to bring you a great website. HAPPY GARDENING! <br/> <br/>BTW- you can set up a link to your website on your profile, all we ask for is for you to give us a link back ;)
dig the dirt editor commented on 03/17/10