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Palm Beach Bamboo

Member since: June 16, 2010



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Loxahatchee, Fl 33470
USDA hardiness zone 10

Member since:

June 16, 2010

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Palm Beach Bamboo

About me

Nurseryman at Palm Beach Bamboo

Current project

Keeping up with the fastest growing plants on Earth!

Type of gardener

Professional Bamboo / Organic

Favorite garden activity

Sitting under the Bamboo shade

garden wall

Hey, neighbor -- I have a garden in Loxahatchee, in Santa Rosa Groves ... good to see you here.
Egghead commented on 06/21/10
Santa Rosa just on the other side of the canal, stop on by and tour the bamboo garden!
Palm Beach Bamboo replied: on 06/21/10
hey there! Let's set you up with a professional profile and you can then add plants to the plant database and be linked as a source for those plants! Email me
FigTree commented on 06/17/10
Hey PB Bamboo! Great to see you on DTD! Always great to meet another S FL gardener!
Lily commented on 06/17/10
Hi thanks for stopping by! I hope to find out how to expand the Tropical Plant selection on this site. The gardens in South Florida are so beautiful!
Palm Beach Bamboo replied: on 06/17/10