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Lawrence Schulte (Lawrence Schulte)

Member since: May 21, 2010



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Pasadena, Ca 91107
USDA hardiness zone 9B


Lawrence Schulte

Member since:

May 21, 2010

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About me

Organic Gardener. PhD in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in health psychology. In a group practice in Pasadena: The Center For Adult Development (626)795-8681 Gourmet Cook

Current project

8'th. year rotation of 7 raised beds. Keeping up with deadheading all of the roses.

Type of gardener

Organic veggie garden

Favorite garden activity

Eating tomatoes off the vine!

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FigTree commented on 05/24/10
I started out with a little book about The Shaker Garden and this recent wave of organic raised bed gardens is something that the Shakers started many years ago. I am indebted to Frank Burkart of Burkart&#x27;s Nursery in Pasadena from whom I have purchased 8 years of plants and seeds. I have also purchased seeds from Seeds of Change and Heirloom Seeds. More recently I have also worked with Nysha from Ardinwoodsedibles who has helped with planting rotation and taught me how to plant a tomato so that it&#x27;s roots are long and lean!
Lawrence Schulte commented on 05/22/10
So here's a thought. What if . . . we found a way for folks who are really depressed or anxious or out of touch with reality *schizophrenia or moderate stage dementia" and led them to a garden. A raised bed that might accomodate their wheel chair or allow them to lean on it when they don't have any energy because they are so depressed and sad. What if . . .we had folks who were willing to help attend to the gardens. Let's allow cats and dogs (older ones that also need friends) to come along and bond with these folks. Email me if you have a place that needs something like this and we can make it become a healing garden! ljsphd@charter,net
Lawrence Schulte replied: on 05/22/10
love this idea- a garden is such a healing place!
FigTree replied: on 05/24/10
There is a wide practice called Horticultural Therapy. It is used mostly for elderly, but I can see how it would help anyone with a disorder or disability.
Gardenerd replied: on 05/24/10