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Madison, Nj 07940
USDA hardiness zone 6A

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May 19, 2010

About me

I grew up in a home where my father was an avid gardener. As a child, I felt the "draw to the dirt" allowing my father to instruct me on how to plant and care for the gardens. Being one of six children in the family, half of us were drawn to gardening. The other half had no interest. I have continued my passion to this day, and thankfully, married a man who feels as I do. It never occurred to me that gardening should be a top prerequisite to finding a mate so thank heavens we both have an interest in it. My gardens all reflect my love of whimsy. I especially love taking an object and finding an unique way of adding it in the garden. I love to recycle. If you throw it out, there's a good chance it ends up in my beds. The only rule I have is to try to find something for nothing and put it to good use. An old piece of fencing or a discarded bucket might set my imagination off. I find it a great way to release my creative side outside!

Current project

maintaining all our current garden beds for now. Possibly attempt to build a retaining wall and level the backyard with same.

Type of gardener

love perrenial garden beds, landscaping property

Favorite garden activity

maintaining the beds

garden wall

That oak chair is amazing! What a great way to make use of the wood - how cool!
gardengirl commented on 05/24/10
Thanks Gardengirl. You make me feel special!!!
safeharbor replied: on 05/24/10
Your garden photos are lovely! I love the door to the veggie garden. I also like the stump that looks like legs - I had a ceder tree taken out and as it was carried away upside down it looked like a figure with a trunk and legs. I could see it in my head being made into a rough garden statue. I paused the process for a moment to decided whether or not to attempt it, but after a few minutes, told the workers to take it. It would have been cool though! I look forward to more photos!
gardengirl commented on 05/21/10
Yes, that would have been very cool! Those are rare treasure...if you can find something nature created all be herself that looks like an animal. I always have my eye out for that kind of thing. I will post the other part of the "the mighty red oak" picture. The tree had to come down and as the tree man was getting ready to dispose of it, I asked if he could make some furniture out of it. The massive chair he made for me is just remarkable and sits on the site where the tree stood. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the life of the tree. I'll try to post it real soon! Thanks for your comments!
safeharbor replied: on 05/22/10
Can't wait to see the photo!
gardengirl replied: on 05/22/10