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May 15, 2010

About me

I am a mother of three who is currently working on my college degree. I will complete graduate school in Library Science and History, then plan on jumping both feet into an herbal studies program. The herbal studies is my reward for completing graduate school! I am fascinated with herbs and essential oils. I am into CSA's, locavore eating, and organic kitchen gardening. I hope these ideas spread! My family is planning a move to Maine next year so that I can complete my undergraduate studies (just a bit left) in both library science and sustainable agriculture from UMaine. I am new to veggie gardening but eager to learn and have begun my own first time garden in our backyard (I took over almost half of the yard). I have lived in Washington State and in Germany, although right now I am in AZ. I miss the cool weather and the trees and the water! We can't wait to move to Maine and get involved with MOFGA, hopefully some apprenticeships on the side in what free time I have left! My goal is to purchase some land and begin my little sustainable(as much as I can of course) homestead. We want to build a small timber frame home. Of course I will need a barn and some outbuildings! My husband and I are very handy and into woodworking, and hope to have a workshop someday on our property. Oh, and who could forget the root cellar and greenhouse! That is a must in Maine! Can't wait!

Current project

Just moved to Maine! YAY! New house, can't see what is supposed to be the garden yet, its still covered with snow. I feel the pressure to start seedlings inside now, since I understand the growing season is short here in comparison to what I'm used to. So excited to garden here! 4.7 acres, on a hill though, that will be a challenge. We have a lot of granite too, to work around. Positive about making the best of it this year, doing what I can for my first season in Maine! So grateful to be in this place.

Type of gardener

organic veggies and herbs

Favorite garden activity

starting seedlings, watching the food grow and getting to eat it directly from my backyard!

garden wall

I am having trouble with apparently are squash bugs. Any advice? I was picking them off, but I am losing that battle fast. Also, do epson salts help with yellowing leaves on squash plants? I heard that somewhere, wanted to know if it was true. Thanks everyone! The cantaloupe are coming fast now, although I am finding it tricky to tell when to harvest. Some have looked very done and huge, so I took them, but they were green inside. Others split in the garden and were much smaller, nothing visibly different on the outside, but very ripe on the inside. UGH! Any tips for harvesting would be appreciated. Watermelon are getting bigger every day now. My zucchini are huge! Hey how come I have had a few crookneck squash grow very bumpy and full of seeds inside? Is something I am doing or not doing causing this? Some are normal, others are bumpy and inedible. I am new to this, that's why I am here, to learn from so many other great minds! Advice and thoguths are much appreciated!
gardengirl77 commented on 08/16/10
Successfully harvested two very nice cantaloupe, two very large zucchini and some yellow squash tonight. Actually the kids did it. I am super happy! I will try to post photos.
gardengirl77 commented on 07/19/10
I am trying to find a rental home in the Orono/Bangor area. I need at least a 3 bedroom, preferably 4, with at least a 1 3/4 bath. We are looking to move hopefully in Feb of next year. We would need to be within a reasonable distance to the Orono UMaine campus without being right upon it. I will consider properties within about a 35 mile radius depending on the property. We want to buy as soon as we can, but my husband's Police Officer career must be established first. (That of course will determine where specifically we end up buying). If anyone knows of any connections for me please contact me at with info. Thanks everyone! We are SO ready to get out of this heat!
gardengirl77 commented on 06/13/10
Hello jwebb! I manage the plant database and I saw that you submitted a plant - thank you! I think your submission would make a great post rather than a plant submission since it deals with more than one variety of tomato. I would love to know more about your garden and what is in it - with pics if you have them! Let me know if you need more info about creating plants in the database - I would be happy to answer any questions.
gardengirl commented on 06/11/10
We are about 1 hour from Portland (north-west). We found a foreclosure with land/barns/house/cottage boat house with woods and field in a wonderful community. I don&#x27;t know much about the surrounding areas but wanted Bridgton or Harrison. I did find a Realtor that was straight with me. He works out of a Naples office. He went well over what was expected for us to finally end up with this house. We ended up purchasing it at on-line auction and he still supported us even though he wasn&#x27;t receive a commission because it went to on-line after being listed for almost a year. He knew that this house was the only one for us and the bank ended up going that route after back and forth with us through him for over 6 months and multiple offers. It was very complex but I have my dream home on 15 acres. <br/> His name is Chuck Morton out of Anne Plummer Associates in Naples ME. I have to look where Orono area is. I have no idea. <br/>There is a house that will be coming up for sale in my village in the future. Others are on the market now but not moving. I also know that there is a few foreclosures in the area. If you want a rental in my area let me know. I have met someone with many properties. Jobs are tough to find around here.
vbk commented on 05/24/10
Thank you so much, yes any referral is appreciated. I used to have my real estate license in AZ years ago before we left the state with the military, so I understand the value of a good referral to someone you trust. ESPECIALLY when moving into a new area where I know no one(but you guys)to ask! Orono is a bit east of Bangor. We liked the homes we saw on in Hampden (south of both those places) but within a reasonable drive to the Orono campus. I think 30 miles has to be my limit. I would of course prefer to find something closer to school, but I also have a family of five and two dogs, and am a bit beyond the whole college experience days! I just want something safe and clean that is big enough for everyone in my family. I can get more picky later on after school is over and we can qualify for a home loan (my husband must be working first before we will be able to get that VA home loan). And we will go wherever he can find work, even across the border into NH although we don't WANT to go there since they have such higher property taxes. For a while though, we must do whatever we must in order to keep food on the table, if you know what I mean! Anyhow, great for you! Congratulations on your find and your purchase! It sounds lovely. We will have to rent at first. I need at min. a 3 bedroom, preferably four with at least 1 3/4 baths. My husband refuses to share a bathroom with the three kids! If you could send a link or a name and contact info I would appreciate it greatly. At the moment we are working on gathering the moving money, but where to move TO, well that's all up in the air so far! My email is Thanks again! Take care, and enjoy that wonderful new home and land! I am honestly jealous, although I know we will have our chance someday soon...
gardengirl77 replied: on 05/25/10
Welcome fellow herb/earth lover! I look forward to connecting with you here on Dig the Dirt and beyond. <br/> <br/>Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 05/23/10
Thanks for the warm welcome! I am super excited to be here! Thanks for approving the friend request. I hope you are enjoying your fabulous weather out there! Its already HOT here! Oh, I can't wait to move. Soon... be patient. Isn't that the hard part!?
gardengirl77 replied: on 05/25/10
Hello, I haven&#x27;t been on this site for a while, your friend request reminded me. What part of Maine do you plan to move to?
vbk commented on 05/23/10
We are planning to move to the Orono area, since I will need to attend classes on that campus. At least at first! We found some nice homes in the Hampden area on Do you have any advice? Are there any areas to stay away from? We will be needing to rent at first of course. My husband is trying to find work as a police officer after years in the Army. Where we ultimately end up is mostly conditional upon his job later. The hiring process is so long for them, and I know that most cities in Maine including the state are not hiring at this moment. He is going to school online as well, for his criminal justice degree. Hopefully soon things will open up and we can get settled somewhere permanently. Since I want some land, I figured we won't be looking to live IN Portland or somewhere larger, but maybe on the outskirts... I am open to ideas as long as we can make a living! So excited though, I can't wait to go! My heart is already there!
gardengirl77 replied: on 05/23/10
Hi there! We are happy you found us and we want to help you with your garden in any way we can. For our newest members we love it when people do something we call a &quot;garden walk-about&quot;, which is you showing us and telling us about your garden in a post (described how to do this below). <br/> <br/>****If you would like to ask the community a question or share your garden in a post follow these simple instructions *** <br/> <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage (to get there, click on the Dig The Dirt symbol above) <br/>2. click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>3. Scroll down to &quot;create a post&quot; This is where you can write a post or ask a question with pictures and text, link to your blog or website and just get creative! <br/> <br/>***You can also add a plant to our database*** <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage and click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>2. scroll down to &quot;add a plant&quot; <br/>3. follow steps 1-5 and you are a part of the ultimate virtual community garden! <br/> <br/>If you are a blogger please create a hyperlink in your personal profile and grab one of our unique badges at for your blog! <br/> <br/>PS: totally know what you&#x27;re talking about with the puppy, except my destroyer is a 2 yr old!
FigTree commented on 05/17/10