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M L (M L Staats)

Member since: May 13, 2010



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Veradale, Wa 99037
USDA hardiness zone 5B


M L Staats

Member since:

May 13, 2010

About me

I am a writer and when I'm not writing, I'm gardening, where I think about my writing. Some of my best plots have come to me while digging in plots.

Current project

Turning a huge backyard into flowerbeds now that we are no longer showing dogs and only have two of them to run over my flowers.

Type of gardener


Favorite garden activity

Watering a freshly planted bed.

garden wall

Hi ML, <br/> <br/>I have a business I run from my home watching people&#x27;s dogs when they go away and also do a doggie daycare. You&#x27;ll notice all my gardens are fenced in with wire fencing. Not the most attractive look but I&#x27;ve managed to combine my two passions on my 1/3 acre plot. <br/> <br/>That is the cutest little dog in your avatar. What kind of dog is it? <br/> <br/>I&#x27;ve been running my business for 8 years and wish the recession had slowed it down some but people are still taking vacations......maybe not as elaborate as in the past, but they&#x27;re still going away! <br/> <br/>I have 3 dogs of my own. All rescues and all of them just a little crazy. I just adopted Molly 6 months ago. She&#x27;s a little Lhaso that spent 8 years in a puppy mill used for breeding. She has the most amazing ability to love despite what she&#x27;s been through. <br/> <br/>Take care, <br/>SH
safeharbor commented on 05/20/10
Join us for Wordless Wednesday! Just create a post with five of your favorite gardening pictures that you want to share!
FigTree commented on 05/19/10
Hi there! We are happy you found us and we want to help you with your garden in any way we can. For our newest members we love it when people do something we call a &quot;garden walk-about&quot;, which is you showing us and telling us about your garden in a post (described how to do this below). <br/> <br/>****If you would like to ask the community a question or share your garden (don&#x27;t be shy!) *** <br/> <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage <br/>2. click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>3. Scroll down to &quot;create a post&quot; This is where you can write a post or ask a question with pictures and text, link to your blog or website and just get creative! <br/> <br/>***You can also add a plant to our database*** <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage and click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>2. scroll down to &quot;add a plant&quot; <br/>3. follow steps 1-5 and you are a part of the ultimate community garden! <br/> <br/>If you are a blogger please check out our unique badges at and grab one for your blog!
dig the dirt editor commented on 05/13/10
Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I'll have to get familiar with the site but it all looks so interesting and just right for me!
M L replied: on 05/13/10