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Glenoma, Wa 98336
USDA hardiness zone 5

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May 09, 2010

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I am working on two huge gardening projects concurrently. In front of my mountain home I am creating a grandchildren-friendly Fairy Garden. The Fairy Garden is bright and sunny with a wonderful southern exposure. Deep into our five acre wooded parcel I am planting an area which I've dubbed Dragonfly Forest. This spot is dappled shade and I'm using mostly natives and other woodland plants that will naturalize.

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garden wall

I love the concept of your Fairy Garden, what a mystical and magical idea as gardens often are mystical and magical:) Dragonfly's are great, they eat there weight in mosquito's!
JBulb commented on 02/15/11
Hi JBulb! Thank you for your kudos! Have you visited I have posted lots of photos of my gardening efforts on that site. Just type in Fastforward in the SEARCH box on the home page. If you happen to become a member of will you vote for me in the Winter Yard Contest? My Entry is entitled Do you believe in snow fairies? (at What a wonderful career you have chosen! Our mountain home is about 40 miles due east of DeGoode Bulb Farm in Washington. I watch their farming operation and visit their retail shop with utter JOY! Hope the bulbs you are forcing in the attic are doing well!
fastforward replied: on 02/15/11
Great pics of your winter garden , I did vote for you! When we get our trial gardens going this year I will have to add some pictures to Yard Share! BTW since you seem to be interested in entering contests I thought I would let you know about 2 of our contest you could win money for gardening! Right now we have a Home Grown Recipe Contest, which is free to enter just submit a recipe that uses any of the fruits or vegetables we sell on our site! Also in about a month we will start our customer photo contest, keep a look out for that I think top prize wins $250.00!
JBulb replied: on 02/15/11
Hi there! We are happy you found us and we want to help you with your garden in any way we can. For our newest members we love it when people do something we call a &quot;garden walk-about&quot;, which is you showing us and telling us about your garden in a post (described how to do this below). <br/> <br/>****If you would like to ask the community a question or share your garden (don&#x27;t be shy!) *** <br/> <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage <br/>2. click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>3. Scroll down to &quot;create a post&quot; This is where you can write a post or ask a question with pictures and text, link to your blog or website and just get creative! <br/> <br/>***You can also add a plant to our database*** <br/>1. go to your logged in homepage and click on the blue button that says &quot;YOUR QUICK LINKS&quot; <br/>2. scroll down to &quot;add a plant&quot; <br/>3. follow steps 1-5 and you are a part of the ultimate community garden! <br/> <br/>If you are a blogger please check out our unique badges at and grab one for your blog!
FigTree commented on 05/10/10