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While the majority of recent news from Redmond lately has focused on Windows 11, Microsoft has also unveiled Office 2021. Microsoft is making separate versions of Office products available. The Office products are available through a Microsoft 365 subscription. Office Home and Student 2021 are priced at just $149. The Office Home and Business edition, which includes Outlook is available for $249. More details on pricing and editions here. As with every version of Office that Microsoft has ever released, microsoft office 2021 comes with many new features. I'm not going to repeat the features since, honestly, a lot of them are features I would never use (such as Dark Mode or support for OpenDocument format 1.3). However, there's lots to like about Microsoft Office 2021, and I wanted to discuss some of the new features that caught my attention. If you wish for a useful source on Microsoft office kopen, check out this site. Line Focus This may be an odd thing to begin with however, one of my most loved new features is something called Line Focus. Line Focus isn’t something I would use on a daily basis but it is one I am sure I will find useful for those times when I write marathons. The idea behind the function is that Word will display only one line of text at a given time (or multiple lines if you prefer) to make it easier to pay attention to those lines. This is illustrated in Figure 1. Sometimes, at the end an exhausting day, the lines blur when I try to reread my notes. It is easier to proofread through the Line Focus feature. Translator Another very welcome new feature is the ability to translate messages for Outlook. The add-on can automatically translate messages in different languages. This feature is an enormous advantage for me since I receive emails from all over the globe. Inking Microsoft Office 2021 comes with inking capabilities. This is another feature I am thrilled about. This means that you will be able to use the Surface Pen or Surface Pen or any other inking device (including your mouse or your finger) to add annotations to email messages. I can't even begin to count how many times I have wanted to highlight something in an email or include a note for myself (such as a due date, a phone number , or something similar to that). Microsoft has upgraded the microsoft office apps with a pen toolbox. This pen toolbox helps make it easier to select a pen or change the color of a pen or pick a different drawing tool like the eraser, or the lasso (which has been in PowerPoint for a while but is now component of Word). Also, Microsoft has made it to ensure that customizing the pen can do not have to be transferred from one device to the next. At first, this probably seems like a negative thing however, it's actually an improvement. I have a different way of inking on my Surface Book than I do on my desktop. So the pen setup I use on one device may not be the most appropriate setup on a device of a different kind. One more ink-related capability is that Microsoft has introduced ink replay capabilities to its Office apps. This means that PowerPoint can be tagged with prerecordedink.