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Karman (Karman Whitford)

Member since: February 20, 2010


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Karman Whitford

Member since:

February 20, 2010

About me

I am buy and sell Japanese Antiques from Japan to Australia. Items we import include lanterns and water bowls for the garden.

Current project

My garden, taking out old plants that are not suitable to my theme and adding plants that will acheive the garden i want.

Type of gardener

Want it now Asian Tropical Garden

Favorite garden activity

planting new pants and planning the next garden bed

garden wall

Hi, and thanks for thinking of me. i have been incredibly busy work wise and gardening. i have replanted a whole garden bed in the front of the house as we were struck by lightening mid december 2009 and the Bangalow Palms, the Coastal Banksia and a Bouganvillea that were all very old but still glorious all died !! so we were devastated. so now i have almost started from scratch and continuing with the Asian Tropical Theme with a variety of Gingers including Helaconias, a couple of Frangipani, Fox Tail Palms, Dwarf Palms,Tibouchina, Crotons and Cordyline, Gardenia and a few other plants in between. i now have to be patient which is the hard part. <br/>we have had a watering system put in and it so good. the garden looks so much lusher and the time it saves allows me more time to plant, pot and design. so all good here. <br/> <br/>How about you ? what have you been up to ?
Karman commented on 04/23/10
Hi Karman! What are you working on these days?
gardengirl commented on 04/22/10
hey there karman! <br/> <br/>Welcome to Dig The Dirt... we are super happy you made it here. We don&#x27;t want to brag, but we&#x27;ve got a lot to offer here! <br/> <br/>Start a Gardening Journal/ Blog: just click on the tab &quot;contributions&quot; above and start writing and uploading photos. This is where you can really get the word out about how you are involved with gardening as your post lives on the homepage for all to see! <br/> <br/>Become a Featured Member: Every week we choose one member who has been active on our site and highlight them. <br/> <br/>If starting a blog is too intimidating you can read articles and ask questions: We have tons of info all over this site and there is so much more to come, so keep browsing. Ask any question you have and other members will answer, and if they don&#x27;t I will find out the answer for you! <br/> <br/>Make some friends: Don&#x27;t be shy- so far everyone is really kind and generous here. Just click on the green tab &quot;gardeners&quot; above and you can search by zone or city to make buddies in your area. <br/> <br/>Give us Feedback!! This is really important to us, as we are a brand new site, still in beta and we are working our hardest to bring you a great website. HAPPY GARDENING! <br/> <br/>BTW- you can set up a link to your website on your profile, all we ask for is for you to give us a link back ;)
FigTree commented on 02/21/10