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November 12, 2009

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I am the editor of Dig The Dirt making sure all things are running smoothly.

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I didn't realize that this site was had user driven information. My question is if you have someone with education moderating what people are adding to your plant database. I was trying to get away from the Dave's Garden type information because most of what is on there is wrong because anyone can add to it. Just because your aunt grew tomatoes one year doesn't make you an expert. It's like saying that Wikipedia is complete fact and not moderating it at all. So, that is my question. Thank you for your time.
Pansy69 commented on 10/08/10
Everything is reviewed by horticulturalists before it becomes live in the plant database. If you are looking for professional information, anything written by Dig The Dirt Editor is written by professional garden writers, edited and fact checked. With all that said we also do like having the inexperienced gardener talking about their experience in gardening, so you can get a little of both here! You can "follow" a person that you feel has a lot of gardening experience including Dig The Dirt Editor and those posts will show up on your profile when you are logged in. I hope this helps answer your question and any and all feedback is always appreciated and welcomed!
dig the dirt editor replied: on 10/08/10
Please join the mercer island urban farm network at this site too to help us stay more closely linked!
Kim commented on 02/21/10
Thank you so much for creating a category for calla lilies! I'm ecstatic, to say the least; and, you also made me aware of a few more cultivars that I did not know existed. Looks like I need to enlarge my calla lily budget for 2010. :)
LilyLover commented on 01/05/10
Hello DTD Editor--Just an FYI that I accidentally created a group that needs to be deleted. The group had the same name as that which I use for my screen name. I'm sorry.--Sincerely, LilyLover
LilyLover commented on 12/26/09
Hi, Editor, need a little help with the site. Sometimes I search for a plant and am told it found 0 results. A "new plant" screen pops up, so I try to add it myself. Then it tells me the name is already taken. Latest attempt was a Magnolia 'Little Gem.' Can't find it anywhere, but supposedly it's out there.
Daylilyjoy commented on 11/19/09
thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! our search toolbar is being worked on as we speak so it will be getting better over time. Will check with the developer and let you know how it progresses.
FigTree replied: on 11/24/09