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Although vehicle telematics devices have been around for rather a long time, they have actually improved drastically recently with the help of advances in technology and also software-as-a-service. Telematics for vehicles has become an essential tool for fleet managers, because it's simpler to use the latest features and technologies that are available in the fleet management system. What is vehicle telematics? Vehicle telematics (a combination of the word "telecommunications" and "informatics") combines communications software with the internet and computer systems so that vehicle location information and data can be collected and sent to fleet managers for use in different business applications--ultimately for decision making and better fleet management. What are the essential features of a Car Telematics System? While there are many features which can be added to various solutions Australia vehicle telematics and not all vehicles telematics systems are alike, there are some essential features that you must take into consideration when you are evaluating different the providers. Full and Complete 24/7 Tracking through GPS The tracking of location data for fleets is at the core of managing fleets and is a non-negotiable feature. Therefore, it should not surprise you that GPS tracking is among the most requested features in every vehicle telematics system. Full GPS tracking provides several advantages to employees working with fleets drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers and administrative staff. By using it, drivers are aware of where they are going and how to get there whilst staying clear of congestion, construction, and accidents, administrative staff can use the data to reduce their workloads, fleet managers can monitor their fleets' performance to ensure they are monitored, and dispatchers can send the appropriate vehicle at the appropriate time based on each fleet vehicle's current position. In the end, the comprehensive and complete real-time monitoring provided by a GPS-based vehicle telematics system can help fleet managers keep tabs on their vehicles, and offer an improved and more efficient level of service to your clients. Real-time communication It doesn't matter whether your vehicle's telematics systems are fully functional and fully functional vehicle tracking however, in the event that they do not allow you to communicate with them in real-time. Another feature of vehicle telematics that we think is essential is the inclusion of a web-based interface or software service which receives real-time data from the telematics system for vehicles installed in your fleet. It is crucial to manage the current activity of your vehicles, creating reports, and analyzing routes to ensure there is nothing that may make your drivers delayed. This allows fleet managers to quickly access the dashboard of the fleet management and access information. While the majority of car telematics companies will incorporate this system with their products It is important to double-check. You can customize your notifications The ability to customize alerts australia vehicle telematics are more crucial than you may think. Your fleet managers and you will receive real-time alerts on things such as driver behaviour and car diagnostics. This lets you reduce risk and resolve issues swiftly. This helps to reduce the likelihood of a problem such as a carless driver or a underlying issue within a vehicle, which can manifest into something much more serious like a road traffic accident. Route Planning and Optimization It's much simpler to use asset tracking telematic technologies instead of writing down your route. This could result in unproductive and redundant journeys as well as multiple routes. You could also waste your time calling drivers to track them down. Monitoring Drivers One of the most challenging aspects of managing your fleet is managing drivers, however monitoring and improving the behaviour of drivers is essential for your business. Not only does responsible driving improve effectiveness and efficiency, it also protects your reputation, helps you save money and reduces the chance of accidents on the road. A good vehicle telematics system can make the behaviours of your driver and actions more apparent by providing a variety of useful information. These include information from the speeding of vehicles, sudden and aggressive acceleration and braking, average time spent at locations such as engine idle, gear changes and much more. Telematics for vehicles can also be used to verify timecards. The data will clearly display the time of start and finish of your vehicle and also the number of hours you have been on the road.